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June 25, 2012

A Very Patriotic Flea Market Find for the 4th

It’s almost 4th of July so I figured I’d show off my new found treasure! This gigantic American Flag I found while scouring the Rose Bowl Flea Market last month! And…the best part was that it was only $25! Because I wanted it to stay pretty rustic, I bought a few pieces of 1 x 1 pine, cut it, screwed it together to create a frame and then used upholstery tacks to adhere it to the frame. $30 and about 30 minutes later, I’m as patriotic as it gets! Not bad right?

Here’s my recipe for creating this patriotic prize yourself:

4 Pieces of 1 x 1 pine
4 Wood screws
Drill with drill bit
Measuring tape
Chop saw or hand saw
About 12 upholstery tacks (I used brass)
A vintage American Flag

Measure the size of the flag and cut 4 pieces to create a frame
Using drill bit make your pilot holes
Screw all 4 pieces of wood together to create a big frame
Attach the flag with upholstery tacks


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