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March 15, 2012

About My Book & Sneak Peek 3

About My Book

It’s been a pretty busy week for me as I’ve been traveling across the country gathering up inspiration for my upcoming book “The Design Cookbook: Recipes for a Stylish Home”. I was in Chicago last week, New York early this week, and now I’m back in my hometown of Los Angeles. Whew!

I thought this was the perfect time to give you a more detailed description of what my book will be about. I will provide the ingredients you need to incorporate styles and ideas from these amazing designers into your own home. What easier way than to provide it in a cookbook format? I’ll give you instructions, ingredients and plenty of photographs to guide you along the way. I’m traveling the country visiting several “trendsetters” to collect a wide range of styles for you to use. If anything, I hope my book will inspire you to invent your own style as you learn how others created their “works of art”.

Latest Sneak Peek

I traveled with photographer Emily Johnston Anderson to meet with artist, designer, and freelance writer Nicole Cohen. She was gracious enough to show us her “Bachelor Pad Design” for a client on the Upper East Side. As Nicole stated in her blog:

“I wanted to make something fun and cool without being too serious. It’s a rental, and the client is a young fun dude who wanted his space to be exciting! (“Im from LA, I can handle it!” he said!) I did NOT want the space to feel overdecorated and I wanted to play with the ideas of a masculine space, but obviously putting my own spin on it. (I even tried to choose “masculine” flowers for the photos, nothing worse than seeing inappropriate flowers in a bachelor pad!) I also wanted the space to be colorful but Im not the biggest fan of color, so this is my take on that.”

Nicole posted a few photos she took from the day of the shoot (from her blog):

I, and others, will be posting several photos of my visits to keep you informed of what you can expect to see in my book and, of course, to make your mouth water. If you think Nicole’s pictures are great, wait until you see the photos Emily took! Wow!

Stay Tuned! I’ll be writing more about my travels and will give you more sneak peeks! If you want to know when a new post is added, please follow me on Facebook and/or sign up for my email notifications.

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