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April 9, 2012


earth month

In honor of Earth month I thought Id give you some quick and easy ideas for updating your bathroom! These tips are not only eco friendly, but they can save you money in the long run!!!

Instead of replacing your entire vanity, paint it with a low VOC paint and just replace the top for a new look.  To save money on your countertop, consider getting a remnant. You can get high quality materials that will last forever for half the price.


Always install money saving options for your faucets and toilets. Not only can a high efficiency toilet can reduce your water use by 20%, but by making sure the aerator on your faucet is working correctly you can reduce your water consumption by 50%!


Focus on your shower! By installing an Eco-Flow Shower Head from Waterpik you can reduce your water consumption by 36% and save up to $100 annually. A perfect addition to creating that “spa like bathroom!”


When looking for tiles for your walls and floors choose recycled and sustainable ones. There are a variety of different options that look amazing like cork, bamboo, glass and ceramic.


Lighting changes the look of everything. Installing energy efficient light bulbs and dimmer switches are a must even in your bathroom.  What’s more relaxing than dimming the lights to soak in the tub? You and the room will look better!

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