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August 20, 2012

How about a little renters wallpaper?

I saw this photo from the Hamptons Show House and loved the wallpaper.

So…I asked my friends over at HP Wall Art to make me some.   This stuff is so cool!  It’s the perfect wallpaper for renters.  It’s pre-pasted, self-adhesive, and requires no lamination.  It is extremely easy to put up and easy to take down, eliminating the need to spend hours scraping paste off your walls and making it simple to change designs. It goes up with water and peels off with water!  Also, you can have it made to fit the exact dimensions of your room and design around your windows, doors and light switches.  Ingenious!

HP Wall Art is printed on the HP Designjet L25500 Printer with water-based HP Latex Inks that meet the GREENGUARD Children & Schools standard for low-emitting products so it’s safe for everyone too! 

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