Easy Holiday Napkin Rings

We won’t be home this year for Thanksgiving, so instead we decided a pre-Thanksgiving "Friendsgiving" was in order this weekend. In an effort to quickly put something together, I decided to get a little crafty with my tablescape using things I had laying around the house. One of the easiest projects on the planet were these napkin rings I made at the last minute. SUPER easy and they take 2 minutes to create.

What you’ll need:

Empty Paper Towel Roll

Decorative Paper (I got this one at Paper Source)



Double Stick Tape

Cooking Twine

Rosemary Sprig


1. Cut the paper towel roll in 4 evenly cut pieces.

2. Measure the width and circumference of the paper towel pieces and cut your decorative paper to fit around the roll. Or... if you're like me...I just did a quick trace and cut.

3. Attach the paper around the roll with double stick tape.

4. Add your rosemary sprig by securing it with the kitchen twine.

Easy Breezy!