It's official...

Back in April of last year Art Steedle of Steedle Brothers Construction and I took a chance and decided to build a tiny house out of a shipping container. We took it on Hallmark Channel's Home and Family for two days and the emails haven't stopped pouring in ever since. From the couple in Virginia to the 20 something in Texas, every one seems to want one of these sustainable boxes that resemble Legos. I have to admit, thats why we love them too. So, this month we have officially opened the doors for our new company, Cargo Builders. We build habitable spaces, offices, pop up shops, trade show booths and offer DIY kits to literally do-it-yourself. We'll provide you with the box and the supplies and you build it within your own time frame and budget. This is, by far, my most exciting venture yet! Some of the containers that are out there already will blow your mind. You must check these out...