Shipping Container House Sneak Peek

I can't even begin to explain the last few weeks, ecstatic is the only word to describe it! The process of turning a shipping container into a tiny house is above all else the best task I've ever undertaken. I’m normally known for my DIY projects, but this project raises the bar entirely, and the response has been amazing. We have been working with a vast array of vendors and skilled contractors and we couldn't be more proud of the turnout. The big reveal is set for Tuesday on Hallmark Channel's Home and Family Show (the pic above is just a picture I took during the process) and although I don't want to give too much away, I will let you in on some of my favorite details about the container.

1. Because our container is only 160 square feet we wanted to add an indoor / outdoor element. We took advantage of the roof and built a panoramic deck on top using Feeney's Cable Rail System, and the result is unbelievable - it's so utterly cool, and everyone here loves it so much we all argue over where the container is going to live after the show on Tuesday,

2. The vinyl flooring from Allure was by and far the best choice for our flooring. It looks like authentic wood, but it’s constructed from vinyl, and the installation process is simple, the planks attach to one another with self attached adhesive.

3. We used bathroom and kitchen fixtures from Kohler to really give this container a polished look. The Kohler product line is so sophisticated that we knew that these simple elements could take an ordinary tiny house and make it extraordinary.

4. We debated greatly on what to put on the walls and all agreed on the wall tiles from Smart Tiles. If you haven't seen this product yet you need to run to Home Depot now! They look like glass and subway tile, but it's actually a sticker. These are no joke! They’re easy to install - a minimum investment in both your time and money, and they’re perfect for renters and they were perfect for us too, especially because we are driving our container from location to location, and we needed something flexible. Grout and tiles don't exactly flex and ultimately we would've ended up with cracked grout and broken tiles.

5. Storage is critical in a small space. The geniuses from Shelter Craft here in the LBC made us inventive cabinets that fit perfectly in the container. We have an island that doubles as a pull out closet, we also have smart storage over the sofa/bed, and savvy kitchen cabinets that look like they belong in a luxury home. They really knocked it out of the park!

6. We opted for deck furniture from Harbour Outdoor. We loved Harbour’s clean lines, and hand crafted approach to furniture design. It’s also architecturally stunning and comfortable, not to mention innovative and durable - just like our container.

7. Bright white paint from Glidden made the space feel larger, when we were dealing with 160 square feet we wanted to make the space light and airy. Although I love dark colors I wanted a lighter aesthetic that everyone would approve of. Oh, and I added white shiplap - Joanna Gaines would love it.

Don't forget to tune in this Tuesday to Home and Family. We are taking the show on the road...literally!