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The Most Important Thing In Design...

The most important thing in design is LIGHTING...hands down! If your lighting is off, then your whole design will be off. It is SO important because it can truly make or break a space. And, as everyone knows I'm a sucker for good lighting, especially when I'm entertaining. Thankfully this Memorial Day weekend, amongst all the hosting, I was able to test out a new product from OSRAM SYLVANIA lighting called LIGHTIFY. So amazing to say the least! All you have to do is plug in the adaptor, screw in the light bulbs and download the app. With the app (and from my cell phone), I choose colors, set personal lighting scenes, and pre-set schedule-based lighting features. The LIGHTIFY products are perfect for decorating your home, entertaining guests, enhancing and personalizing a space.

Check out how I used it...

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You can modify your lighting to suit your needs. For example, it could be a bright white when you wake up, and a warm white in the evening for a relaxing ambiance.

Bright white light can be beneficial when you need to be alert and focus on tasks, like working in a home office, crafting, cooking, or exercising. Warm white can be good for watching TV, entertaining, having a romantic dinner, or relaxing.

Or you can customize the color of the room from thousands of different colors and a range of color temperatures.

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What an amazing product! Aside from it being easy to navigate from your cell phone, here are a few little added things I love about it.


The light in your home can help you live a happier and healthier lifestyle. Wake up and get energized by bright light in the morning, then transition to warm light to wind down and help you relax in the evening.


With connected lighting, paint and fabrics are no longer the only way to update the color of your spaces, you are now able to easily and instantly add a new layer of personal touches and customization to your home. You can even program these light sources with different themes to help reflect your current or desired mood from room to room, day to day.


With a wireless connection, you can now update your existing lighting and add as many new light sources as you desire throughout your home without the need for power tools or doing any rewiring. Your new lighting experiences can be plugged in and set up in a matter of minutes. Awesome for those DIY'ers and non-DIY'ers!


You have the ability to group light sources together and program what they do throughout the day and night. Perhaps have the lights in each bedroom gradually turn on with cool light to wake everyone up more naturally in the morning yet, have the lights in your hallways dim to a low, warm light each night.


Make your home smarter and work harder for you without any redundant technology or tools. If you are currently using a smart home product, this connected lighting solution is likely compatible with the wireless hub you already own. All you need are the light sources of your choice.

Bottom line...I'm hooked! If you're interested in checking out this product go to the links below...and then of-course let me know if you love it as much as I do!